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Pool Heating Options Explained

To get the most out of your pool a heater is a necessity. The right heater will extend your swimming season by weeks or months, and make even the cloudiest summer day perfect for swimming. There are many types and styles of heaters, but only one will reliably heat your pool in a matter of no time with the flick of a switch. Natural gas heaters will heat your pool faster than electric or solar heaters, and unlike the latter they don’t require clear skies to run. Whether it’s day or night, natural gas heaters will heat your pool to the perfect temperature.

The electric heat pump system works by absorbing heat from the air and transferring it to the pool water. This systems uses relatively low amounts of electricity and is efficient for all weather conditions. It is often referred to as a “reverse air conditioner”.

Heat pumps for pools typically cost more to buy initially, but their decreased energy use means they use far less gas or electricity to power a pool over time. This results in savings on energy bills and makes the pumps an efficient choice for homeowner where natural gas/propane is not available or expensive to install. Heat pumps will work more efficiently when the outdoor air temperature gets above 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius.

Pros: Low running costs, Energy efficient

Cons: Higher upfront costs, not effective below 50 degrees/10 Celsius

Solar pool heaters work through solar systems that are installed on the roof or ground and transfer heat from the collector to the water. Buyers have to incur the initial costs of buying the collector, installing the system on the roof and connecting it to the pool. The collector should normally be 80 percent of the surface area of the pool, and gradual collector increments can enhance the effectiveness of the heating system. The availability of the sun determines the effectiveness of this pool heating method. In the most ideal applications with south/southwest facing exposure you can have as little as little as 30 percent of the surface area. Adding on and repairing solar collectors is relatively easy.

Pros: Virtually free operational cost, environmentally friendly

Cons: Higher initial cost, takes longer to heat pool

Natural Gas Pool Heaters

Our pool heaters save money by being the most energy efficient solution for any pool/spa. It’s designed for ultimate performance, comfort and durability while being environmentally responsible. For rapid comfort, we offer the Universal solution.

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Electric Pool Heaters (Heat Pumps)


High performance, energy-efficient, our heat pumps quietly and economically manage the ideal pool water temperature at all times. Designed for long life and durability to give you the peace of mind and comfort you deserve.

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