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Hydropool swim spas are engineered to be the most energy efficient swim spas in the world! With their headquarters right here in Ontario, Hydropool know how cold Canadian winters can get, and they’ve designed every aspect of these all season pools with energy efficiency in mind! This starts with their exclusive Hydrowise insulation system.

Unlike most swim spa manufacturers that simply spray the shell with foam, Hydropools add an additional layer of innovative insulation used by NASA to protect astronauts from the cold of space! This 2nd layer of insulation wraps around the the cabinet and floor of the swim spa; allowing Hydropool swim spas to protect their equipment from the cold of winter. It also helps reduce energy costs by trapping waste heat generated from the pumps and heater and using it to further heat the water in the plumbing!


An average swim spa pump creates over 1.5kWs of waste heat. This translates to an average of $0.14 of heat being lost every hour the pumps are on, or around $300-400 a year! Hydropool’s Hydrowise insulation reflects 90-97% of that heat back to the water, saving you big on your energy bill!

Insulation is just one component of a swim spa’s energy efficiency, however. Hydropool’s exclusive Self-Cleaning filtration technology goes one step further by dramatically reducing the run time of the swim spa. The less time the swim spa runs, the lower your energy bill at the end of the month!

The Most Energy Efficient Swim Spas In The World!

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