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Are you looking for a swim spa that can maintain clean and clear water without needing constant maintenance? Look no further than Self-Cleaning swim spas from Hydropool! These all season pools use industry exclusive Self-Cleaning pressurized filtration technology to clean the water faster, and more effectively, than traditional swim spa filtration systems.

How Self-Cleaning Filtration Works

Self-Cleaning utilizes ultra-efficient pressurized filtration technology traditionally used in commercial pools. In a pressurized filtration system, water is pulled from a surface skimmer and a floor vacuum through a specialized filtration pump. This pump then forces water through the microfilter at high speeds to clean and sanitize the water in a fraction of the time required by most swim spas.

Benefits Of Self-Cleaning Filtration

Owning a Self-Cleaning swim spa has many benefits for swim spa owners; including:

  • Cleaner, clearer water. Self-Cleaning filtration is able to clean all of the water in a swim spa in 45 minutes or less! Compare that with a standard swim spa that needs over 8 hours to properly clean the water.
  • Less maintenance. Since Self-Cleaning is able to clean the water so effectively, you no longer have to worry about manually cleaning or vacuuming the pool. In fact, most Self-Cleaning swim spa owners are able to maintain their swim spa in as little as 5 minutes per week!
  • Fewer chemicals. Cleaner water means fewer chemicals (such as clarifiers) are needed to properly maintain the swim spa.
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While all of these benefits are great, perhaps the biggest advantage of Self-Cleaning filtration is its energy efficiency. Self Cleaning Filtration saves you money in a few ways:

  • Since Self-Cleaning is able to properly filter all of the water in the swim spa in 45 minutes or less, the filtration system doesn’t need to run for nearly as long to keep the water clear. Self Cleaning swim spas only have to run between 4-8 hours per day. Compare that with standard swim spas that require between 12-24 hours of filtration every day.
  • The AquaFlo filtration pumps used by Self-Cleaning swim spas use just 1/6 of the power that standard swim spa pumps require.
  • Self-Cleaning swim spas are also equipped with one of the most advanced topside controls in the industry. They allow you to control exactly when the filtration system will run so you to set it to run off peak hours. They are also able to automatically switch in and out of economy mode, allowing you to reduce your energy costs without sacrificing performance.

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