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Looking for a swim spa with a truly world class swim current? Look no further than Hydropool swim spas!

A great swim current comes from much more than just the jets. There are three main components that go into making the perfect swim; the pumps, the jets, and the shell design. Forgetting about just one of these three components can completely ruin the swimming experience, even if the other two are perfect. For example, if the pumps aren’t strong enough then the swim jets will never generate enough current to swim against. If the pump is powerful but the wrong jets are used, you will end up with a powerful but turbulent swim that will be difficult and frustrating to swim against.

Hydropool understand this, which is why they work tirelessly to constantly improve all three major components of a good swim current; producing on of the strongest, deepest and smoothest currents in the industry!

AquaBoost Swim Pumps 

One of the biggest differences between Hydropool swim spas and other all season pools is their swim pumps. Hydropool’s AquaBoost pumps produce some of the highest flow rates in the industry and are capable of generating a current of up to 720 gallons per minute!

To get a true idea of how powerful a swim pump is you need to look at its flow rate – how much water it can move in a given time – measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Most swim spa manufacturers focus instead on horsepower, which is a mistake. Horsepower is a simply measurement of how much electricity a pump’s motor uses, not how much water it can move. 

By focusing on maximizing the amount of water their pumps can move, without increasing their electrical consumption, Hydropool ensure that their swim spas deliver a strong swim current, without increasing their running costs.

V-Twin Jets

Without great jets, you can’t have a great swim. This is why Hydropool are constantly researching new jets designs to provide a smoother, more enjoyable swimming experience. Their latest jet design, the V-Twin jet, provides the smoothest, deepest and widest swim yet! 

Most swim spas typically include round or oval jets that are essentially very large hot tub jets. The problem with these designs is that they’re not made for swimming against. Water pumps move water using a spinning impeller. As the water moves through the plumbing and out of the swim jets it continues to spin. This causing a very narrow and turbulent swim current which is very difficult and frustrating to swim against as you have to constantly adjust your body to stay within the current.

Hydropool’s V-Twin jets solve this with a specially design grate that cuts the water into smaller streams; stopping the turbulent rotation caused by the swim pumps. These jets also spread the current over a wider area than other swim jets, creating a wide, deep swim channel that requires very little adjustment to swim against.

Shell Design

While often overlooked, the design of the swim spa shell is crucial when it comes to the overall quality of the swimming experience. 

The problem is the rectangular design of most swim spas. If not properly designed, the current generated by the swim spa will simply bounce off the back of the swim spa and back into the swim area. The result of this is water moving in two different directions; interacting with each other and causing a lot of turbulence in the swim area.

Hydropool swim spas have solved this issue with their exclusive Current Collector technology. At the back of their swim spas sits a large collection basin. When the current enters this basin it is funnelled into one of several suctions which take the water from the back of the swim spa and force it back through the pumps and out the jets. This eliminates splash back and ensures that water only moves in one direction, from the swim jets to the back of the swim spa, creating a smooth, turbulence-free swim.

The Strongest, Smoothest Swim Currents

All of the swim spas we sell have industry leading current systems made to suit swimmers of all skill levels.