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Looking for a hot tub with a truly world class massage? A great hot tub massage comes from much more than just the jets. There are three main components that go into making the perfect massage; the pumps, the plumbing, and the jets. Forgetting about one of these three components can completely ruin the massage experience, even if the other two are perfect. For example, if the pumps aren’t strong enough then the jets will never have enough power. If the pump is powerful but the plumbing is not designed properly then the power generated by the pump will not make it to the jets. Hydropool Hot Tubs understand this, which is why they work with physiotherapists and sports therapists to constantly improve all three major massage components in their hot tubs.

Evergreen Pumps 

One of the biggest differences between Hydropool hot tubs and other manufacturer’s hot tubs is their massage pumps. Hydropool’s Evergreen pumps produce some of the highest flow rates in the industry.

Most manufacturers focus on horsepower, which is a mistake. Horsepower is a simply measurement of how much electricity a pump motor uses, not how much water it can move. To get a true idea of how powerful a pump is you instead need to look at its flow rate – how much water it can move in a given time – measured in gallons per minute (gpm).

Hydropool’s Evergreen pumps are equipped with wider, deeper impeller blades. This allows them to produce more water flow, without making the motor bigger.  In fact, the 4HP Evergreen jet pump will produce a flow rate of 180gpm, while standard 4HP hot tub pumps only produce flow rates between 100gpm and 140gpm.

Minimized Plumbing

While often overlooked, the design of the hot tub’s plumbing has a huge impact on the quality of the massage. Inefficient plumbing or poorly design plumbing can lead to a weak or imbalanced massage experience. Hydropool use a balanced and efficient plumbing system to ensure that every jet produces a consistent, strong massage.

Hydroflow Jets

Without great jets, you can’t have a great massage. Hydropool work closely with sports therapists and physiotherapists to ensure that their jets are placed correctly, and sized correctly (small jets for small muscle groups, large jets for large muscle groups) to deliver the best possible results.

Not only that, with Hydropool hot tubs you can design your own custom massage! With 8 different styles of massage available in 4 standard sizes, you can customize your seats for your ideal massage. Simply remove the jets you don’t want with a counter clockwise turn and exchange it for another of the same size!

Flexible, Customizable Hydrotherapy

All of the hot tubs we sell offer fantastic hydrotherapy that can be customized to suit your needs. View our models by clicking the button below.

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