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Pool Openings & Spring Services

The sun gets brighter, the weather gets warm, and that is how you know our favorite time of year is fast approaching. Swimming pool opening season is an exciting time of year for all of us, but you have to make sure careful steps are taken during your pool opening not to damage your swimming pool’s liner, pump or filtration system. While opening your pool, we provide seasonal maintenance checks, including sampling and balancing of water chemistry, checking the pool’s pump, and other mechanical functions.

Price List:

Pool Opening – 200
Cover Removal – 100
Remove Net – 80
Remove Cover & Net – 140
Extra Skimmer/Pump – 40
Spill over spa – 50


Reassemble the pump, filter, chlorinator.
Install ladders & lights.
Remove plugs.
Evaluate pool maintenance equipment and offer suggestions or replacement.
Minor repairs & leak inspection


Fold Cover & Water Bags.
Remove the dirty water and debris from the cover.
Drill safety cover anchors back into the deck if applicable.
Discard broken water bags.
Note if the winter cover needs to be replaced.


$45 For Basic Chemical Treatment – stain & scale prevention, algaecide & oxidizing shock.

$65 For Deluxe Chemical Treatment – stain & scale prevention, algaecide, oxidizing shock & enzyme treatment to clear water and remove scum lines.

$150 For Algae Remedy Kit – stain & scale prevention, double algaecide (40% & 60%), chlorine + oxidizing shock.